Singapore's FIRST
Bubble Tea Catering and
Bubble Tea Live Station

We are Singapore’s FIRST Bubble Tea Catering and Live Station! Enjoy FRESH, Bubble Tea, hand-shaken at your event, paired with our chewy Tapioca Pearls!

Make your event STAND OUT with Bubble Tea Catering! 

About Us

FrothTea Bubble Tea is Singapore’s (and probably Asia’s) FIRST Bubble Tea Live Station and Bubble Tea Catering! 

We are the pioneers in the Bubble Tea Catering Industry and have served prominent corporate clients such as Facebook, Netflix, UOB, PWC, and many more! Not forgetting the smiles we have brought to attendees of Weddings, Birthday Parties, and all sorts of events!

All our products are directly flown from Taiwan and are certified Halal!

Our Services

Bubble Tea Live Station & Bubble Tea Catering

Having an office party? Need a unique form of Brand Engagement? Celebrating a special occasion? With our Mobile Cart, we can go to your event, where ever you are! Enjoy fresh Bubble Tea, freshly shaken in front of you!

Guests can have the option of choosing various sugar, ice, and pearls amounts!

Bottled Bubble Tea

Enjoy our premium Bubble Tea, conveniently packed into Bottles! Every bottle comes with Tapioca Pearls. Choose to have the pearls packed separately or in the bottle!

The perfect option to abide by the Safety Management Measures imposed by venues and the government. With more than 20 flavour options, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Specialty Coffee Catering

Want something more? Get the best of both worlds with our sister company - Nineteen95 the Espresso Bar!

Nothing like a good cup of delicious, specialty grade arabica coffee to perk up your event!

Croissant Catering

From breakfast catering to halal options and croissant sandwiches, we cater to businesses, parties, meetings, conventions, and events of all kinds. Enjoy a hassle-free culinary experience with craving croissants.

Menu \\ Product

With so many flavours to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice! For Bubble Tea Catering and Bubble Tea Live Station, we would recommend 2 flavours to enhance our production efficiency so that your guests get their drinks as soon as possible!

Non-Milk Teas

Assam Tea

Earl Grey Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

Oolong Tea

Milk Teas

Milk Tea

Earl Grey Milk Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

Oolong Milk Tea


Passionfruit Tea

Peach Tea

Mango Tea

Taro Milk

Why Choose Us?

SFA Certified Kitchen

We prepare our products in a Singapore Food Agency Certified Kitchen. 

Adhering to the authority’s extremely strict Food Hygiene Practices and Guidelines, rest assured that all our products are not only delicious, but safe to consume as well!

Halal Certified Products

All our products are certified Halal!

Our products are directly imported from Taiwan and are certified Halal! We have also ensured that we do not use our equipment to serve non-halal products; they have not come into contact with non-halal products


GeBiz Ready

From the government sector? We are GeBiz Ready!

Enjoy a smooth procurement process when you engage us through the GeBiz portal! Safe, secure, and seamless!

Additional Services

Custom Branded Facade

Complete the marketing experience with a custom branded facade on our mobile cart! Prices start from $70 onwards, just pass us your artwork and we will settle the rest!

Have your own supplier? Let us know and we will pass you the dimensions of our cart!

Custom Themed Drinks

Aside from Bubble Tea, we are able to custom make drinks such as mocktails to cater to your event's theme!

Let us know your requirements such as theme, drink colour, or specific flavours and our team will curate a drink specially for you!

Eco-Friendly Options

We use packaging that is 100% compostable! We are committed to sustainability and ensure that our processes and products do minimal harm to the environment as possible!

Be an Eco Warrior! We are open to using the guests's cups or bottles too! Organize a bring your own bottle event and we will gladly acommodate!

Contact us for a quick quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Our team will prepare the teas and toppings (pearls) at our kitchen before bringing them down onsite to finish the drinks. 

As such, we will only prepare each item based on the order you have placed and will not be able to add on more cups on site.

Our charges depend on the duration of service and quantity of servings. Contact us via email or the form on our website for a quote within 1 working day.

We require 1 week notice. For urgent requests, call us at 9828 95666 to check availability.

Our minimum order will be for 100 cups for live station or DIY Bar  and 50 bottles for the bottled bubble tea delivery.

Check your spam folder or call us at 9828 9566. We aim to respond to enquiries within 1 working day.

We offer complimentary cup customization. Send us a high-resolution logo that fits in a 50mm x 50mm space. Examples are available on our Instagram and Facebook.

Yes, cart customization is available for a fee. Send us the image file and we will print a board to customize the cart.

We can do it for live stations upon guest’s requests.   will be preparing drinks at 50% sugar by default unless specified by guests.

For bottled orders, let us know what sugar level you would like. This will be standardized for the entire order. 

Service ends when time is up or all cups are served. We can serve remaining cups to guests before service ends.

We cannot guarantee extra stock on site. Order the required quantity to avoid disappointment, or check with our team on site for available excess stock.

Just opt for the options below
1) DIY Bar
All your guests need to do is to scoop the desired amount of ice and sugar and toppings before dispensing their tea! 
Table top is to be provided by you and we will take care of the rest.

2) Bottled bubble tea delivery

We require 1.2m x 1.2m space and a 13 amp power source. Let us know if there are space constraints.

Just opt for the options below
1) DIY Bar
All your guests need to do is to scoop the desired amount of ice and sugar and toppings before dispensing their tea! 
Table top is to be provided by you and we will take care of the rest.

2) Bottled bubble tea delivery

Our packages start with 2 flavor options. 

For more options, we will need the following minimum orders
3 options – 300 cups, 
4 options – 400 cups
Do note that there will be additional charges to increase number of options.
Due to space constraints, we will be serving 2 options at any point of time and will alternate between flavors accordingly.

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More of a Coffee person?

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